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What's your cuppa tea?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Do you prefer your tea loose or in a tea bag?

I personally prefer the loose leaves in order to get the full benefits and flavor of my cuppa. You ask, is it even possible to get the full benefits and flavor of loose leaf from a tea bag? The answer is Yes! This is possible with our large biodegradable tea bags. These tea bags allow the loose leaves to expand without compromising the smooth taste that we all love to enjoy from a high quality loose leaf tea. For the best of both worlds loose or bag, enjoy a variety of black, oolong, green, white and herbal teas. Black tea is processed the most giving it it's black color with the highest caffeine level, black is the most popular and common among the teas. Oolong tea is not given the attention it deserves, many people are unaware of it's diverse flavor and energy boost. The caffeine level for a cup of oolong is less than black but more than green. Green tea has a minimal oxidation process and is more popular these days as people become more knowledgeable of it's positive properties, it is naturally caffeinated and full of health benefits. White tea carries the most antioxidants of all the teas, it's beneficial for fighting free radicals. Last is herbal tea. Did you know herbal teas do not contain leaves at all, but herbs or fruit making it naturally caffeine free. Tea is said to be the world's healthiest drink, so what are you waiting for? "Find your cuppa tea" and drink up! For convenience, place your loose leaf in a strainer ball or a biodegradable tea bag, add hot water. Done! There's no excuses, try it. It's just that easy, but of course don't drink all of this deliciousness alone, share with a friend. They'll be happy you did.


For a stronger cuppa tea use more leaves; for a lighter taste use less leaves. However, DO NOT over steep, This will cause your tea to taste bitter

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