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Updated: May 4, 2021

Get Ready! Summer is almost here and what a perfect time it is to get a boost of vitamin d, show off that new swim suit or just chill out on the patio with your favorite drink. Since the pandemic, I'm sure it has crossed everyone's mind one time or another to make better choices. We've asked ourselves, should I cook or just grab a bite out? Where should I eat? Should I drink this or should I try that? Whatever the question, we are all subconsciously trying to stay healthy.

Although we have many choices, I have personally found myself opting for the healthier ones. You too? Good Job! This might be a little extreme to some, but more people are reading product labels and taking vitamins to essentially enhance their daily diets. Can you believe healthy is becoming the new normal?

If you haven't started, now is a good place. The hot months are just around the corner, June 20th to be exact is summer. So what will you do to keep yourself cool when the need for a cold drink is in high demand to quench your thirst? I have a great idea to keep the healthy trend going, may I suggest grabbing a nice tall glass (or cold bottle) of tea?

Loose Leaf Tea that is! Why? Below I have listed seven reasons Sip On This Loose Leaf Tea is an outstanding drink choice anytime. Go ahead you deserve it, absorb that much needed vitamin d in your swim suit on the patio and make it a fantastic summer with family and friends.

The Seven Reasons:

  1. Sourced from the earth - it's Natural

  2. Loaded with rich antioxidants - beneficial to heart and brain health

  3. Known to alleviates acne, bad breath, colds, stress, prevents eye disease and aids in weight loss

  4. Uses biodegradable tea bags NOT plastic tea bags

  5. Control your perfect cup - use more loose leaves for more flavor or use less

  6. Variety - caffeinated(black, green, white, oolong), caffeine free(herbal)

  7. Loose Leaf is versatile - drink it hot, over ice, add your favorite fruit, make it a cocktail w/spirits, sweeten it or do nothing to it. The enhancements are limitless

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