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To sip OR not to sip

Is that really a question?

Growing up in the northern states sipping a hot cup of tea by the fireplace during the cold snowy winters was the ideal thing to do. When the summer months came the ultimate highlight for the day was sitting on the porch watching the sunset, still sipping tea. Year round you could find many sharing a sip with family and friends throughout the day.

It was not until moving to the southern states that I found sipping tea was not embraced as much. Needless to say after asking for a cup of tea with no avail on several occasions I understood the meaning of "When in Rome do as the Romans do."

I quickly learned the southern style of tea was to be enjoyed with plenty of sugar and a tall glass filled with ice. The quicker you gulped it down the better it tasted and the faster you cooled down from the hot sun, then you became thirsty all over again. Ha. That was okay for a second and hey, I didn't knock it I tried it.

When all was said and done, I still found myself yearning for that sobriety in my favorite cup of tea. Whether you like to meditate and sip or be on the go and gulp, there is no wrong way to enjoy the beautiful nature of tea in a glass, cup or bottle. Get it in naturally. I choose to sip in the new year. How about you?

Leave a comment to let us know. How you enjoy your favorite Sip on this, tea?

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