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It is said that the healthiest consumed drink in the world is WATER! Water is great for hydration and vital for life. Water helps to alleviate more than a dozen ailments and is great for everyday consumption however, did you know that tea is the second healthiest and most consumed beverage beside water? Water is the base to preparing tea so when these two electric elements combine there is no surprise that the benefits are astronomical. (imagine that)

There is no doubt, one thing about tea that we can all appreciate is it's ability to adapt in many forms. Give me cold and casual one day then authentic and fancy on another day, spike it or add it to a favorite recipe. No matter how you serve it, tea is the trend and friendly for all. Here's a few facts about tea. "Green tea" is naturally caffeinated, beneficial for overall health and known for it's antioxidant overload. "Black tea" is processed longer giving it it's black color and strong robust flavor, a healthier alternative for coffee lovers. "Oolong tea" is that happy medium between green and black tea known for it's fat burning properties. "White tea" has a light flavor with less oxalate which means even those that suffer with kidney stones can enjoy a cup of this beverage in moderation. "Herbal tea" is the kiddo's favorite. it's filled with fruit, herbs and no caffeine. What more can you ask for? Don't get it twisted, tea is in and doesn't go out of style. I'll sip to that!

For all of the tea novice and sommeliers alike avoid distractions as we move forward into a new season. Take a tea break just because. Get adventurous, try something new to step up your teatime. We say it best like this. Make one, sip one, then share one (a cup of tea that is) and of course make it loose leaf. Are you in? (Txin-Txin = cheers)

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