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Not by chance...PURPOSE!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Here is the answer to the question we always get asked, How did you all get started?

We are delighted that you ask, and we ask that you grab your favorite "Sip On This Tea" and enjoy our testament.

After a long search to locate my dad whom I had not seen in over 30yrs, my daughter (Whitney) finally found him! Whitney discovered that dad was in the hospital on his death bed, with emotions all over the place we immediately took a flight to Kentucky.

When we arrived, dads frail body lay in the hospital bed on a ventilator. After a couple of days praying and sitting by his bedside, dad woke up! He shared how he had given up and was ready to die. He continuously told us because of our tenacity to find him we had literally brought him back to life.

Although I had not been in communication with dad in over 30yrs, the love in that room felt like we had never missed a beat. Whitney and I let dad rest and thought we'd grab a bite to eat in town. During this unprecedented time, I yearned to embrace a nice cup of tea just to ease my mind and calm my nerves from everything that was transpiring. Tea has always been my simple pleasure my comfort food, it is my go to drink all the time. I am actually passionate about the whole idea of making a tea blend and consuming it after. It is extremely relaxing and exhilarating to me all at the same time. Our visit was during the fall month of October so it was cold and windy as we walked the busy tourist streets of Louisville, KY. After grabbing a bite to eat we headed back to the hospital, lo and behold to our surprise in the heart of downtown stood a quaint tea shop! It was almost like it had suddenly appeared there. My daughter (Whitney) and I were elated because we had previously discussed starting "Sip On This" but was still unsure about our idea. After visiting this tea shop it was clear. Things happen Not by chance, but PURPOSE! I reunited with my dad after 30yrs and received the confirmation we needed to birth "Sip On This, Tea."

#1 Never give up! #2 Ideas become reality! Dad passed away May 2020 and "Sip On This, Tea" came to life. Dad yet lives on through our coffee drinkers approved #1 TEA choice. Butler's Brew. If you haven't already, please Like, Share and Follow our journey on social media. As we always say "Txin-Txin" which translates to Cheers! Welcome to the World of Loose Leaf.

Quaint Tea Shop - Louisville, KY

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awww love this, nothing like humble beginnings. Yall are so sweet nice meeting you both

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