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Updated: May 4, 2021

"Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away" - Will Smith in HITCH

Waterfalls, the ocean, a shooting star, and the perfect cup of tea! Here's a friendly reminder to not lose sight of the good stuff. Staying busy and defeating challenges within a day is exhilarating and definitely gets your metabolism going. However, it can get exhausting at times. Do this with me. STOP! Take a second. Breathe! Step into this moment as we reminisce on the simple pleasures that fill our hearts with joy and continuously take our breath away. Do you remember a summer rain shower? How it comes out of nowhere and stops as quickly as it came. How about gazing up at the sky to behold a radiant rainbow coming out of the clouds. I can never forget the childhood memory of sitting around the campfire telling stories during the cool summer nights and catching lightning bugs in a jar while watching in amazement how they glow. It's these fond memories that swell up in my spirit as I compare the perfect cup of tea to a fine wine or a decadent cheese. It is during the aging process or timing that it is at it's best; as is loose leaf, the superior tea comes from the whole leaf. In some traditions the steeping process is a cherished practice, so I encourage you....Don't lose sight of the good stuff, take time, bask in the experience of steeping your leaves. Whether you choose to use our strainer products, our natural tea bags or a big pot. IT DOES NOT MATTER nevertheless, your timing is everything. The steeping performance is solely based on the type of loose leaf you decide which also affects the taste and the antioxidant properties. Green tea leaves are the least processed so cooler water and less steeping is ideal. After straining your tea the flavor of green tea continues to enhance as it sits. Black tea on the other hand is processed longer which in turn can stand up to boiled water and longer steep time.

So, the brew is done, the aroma is now set and the first sip, delectable! Sip on this, tea

If you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away.
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wow this took me in the moment THANKS I needed that

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