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The Tea for All Seasons

Winter, spring, summer or fall all you have to do is call and I'll be there, you've got a friend.

Born and raised up north, the lyrics to that song sang by James Taylor reminds me of traveling the beautiful scenic routes in the northern states. No matter what season it was, you could find most northerners sipping on a hot cup of tea. I believe there is no better way to appreciate the beauty of seasons changing. Spring is my favorite! It seemed this was when the air was it's freshest. I enjoyed the smell of fresh air and the array of flowers blooming during the day. We would sit on the porch admiring the sun going down with a cup of tea before we settled in for the night. Summer up north is not overwhelmingly hot like the south, so sipping on a hot cup of tea during brunch is normal before heading to the beach to catch some waves. Then Fall would make her grand entrance with hues of red, yellow and orange leaves. The leaves no longer having it's rich dark green color lets us know fall is here, time to turn back the clocks and allow night to slip upon us sooner. The weather is getting cooler now and the perfect cup of tea is on the horizon. Winter is quickly approaching time to put on hat and gloves. Cold & flu are also knocking on the door so turn on the kettle, lets nestle by the fireplace to indulge in our favorite hot cup of tea. No matter what part of the globe you are in, most people consume hot tea in the winter months, It's just something about the cold weather that makes hot tea a great snuggle companion, although the seasons change what remains the same is a decadent cup of tea is rewarding. Winter, spring, summer or fall I am guilty of basking in a heartwarming cup of hot tea. When you're not feeling your best try a hot cup of tea to boost your immunity. Hot tea is also an excellent choice when a sore throat needs to be soothed. My preference is hot tea but of course to each their own. Our teas are versatile and can be enjoyed hot or cold, sweet or unsweet. Checkout our new tea flavor and stock up for the winter, txin-txin!

Sip on this, as seasons change keep in mind that every season is a great season to enjoy a cup of tea.

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